Vaping Pen 電子煙

  • 品牌: Liqua
  • 型號: Vaping Pen
  •  Vaping Pen 電子煙
  •  Vaping Pen 電子煙
HKD $280.00 HKD $350.00

Liqua Vaping Pen 電子煙


Length: 159mm

Diameter: 14mm

Weight: 46g

E-liquid tank volume: 2.0ml


Standby current: 5uA max

Maximum output current: 2.5A

Maximum output wattage: 8W

Voltage: 4.2V max, voltage is not adjustable

Cartomizer resistance: 2.0 Ohm

Battery: Built-in 650mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery

Battery fully charge duration: 2.5 hours

Charging: Bottom Micro-USB charging, 420mA max

Short-circuit Protection: 1.5 ohm

Battery charge power supply: USB 5V

Locking / unlocking the device: Pressing operational button 5 times continuously and rapidly

Number of vaping per full tank: Approx. 300 puffs

Number of vaping per fully charged battery: Approx. 300 puffs