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LIQUA Q Vaping Pen

Welcome to the world of vaping

The world of vaping brings you unexpected possibilities, unimaginable with traditional smoking. 
Are you fed up with traditional cigarette restrictions, limited flavour selection or criticism? 
Don’t be tied down; take matters into your own hands. With vaping you decide.

to smoking

E-cigarettes are considered an ideal alternative to smoking by many vapers. No burning and production of thousands of chemicals, no pollution in the form of ash or irritant smoke. The only by-product produced by an e-cigarette is water vapour which disappears within few seconds and does not affect your surroundings

No more 
smoking out 
in the cold

No longer will you have to stand outside in the cold to smoke. This is now a thing of past, with an e-cigarette and vaping, you do not have to go outside any more. You will be amazed by your new-found freedom.

Enjoy discovering 
the right flavour 
for you

Have you ever felt restricted by the limited cigarette flavours available? There are so many flavours in the world of vaping that you will be amazed. Enjoy discovering the right one for you.


As we all know smoking is a very expensive habit. Just calculate how much money you spend on cigarettes each year. When you ask vapers what the biggest benefits of vaping are they most often mention the significant financial savings compared to traditional smoking.